About Us


Our strategy

We, at Target Telecom, are experts in Communication. We have a strategic ambition;  by becoming the first Pan-African platform of content on the market, to offer Small Businesses , Big Businesses as well as individuals,  a professional alternative to have  access to  the Information and Communication Technologies of their countries. 

This strategic ambition is achieved using four major markets:

  • The Film producers
  • Television channels
  • The Vod
  • TPE/SMEs, looking for simplicity and bundled solutions.

With a large offer innovative in its content (voice and video), in its services (Council, integration, maintenance) and tailored to each of our markets. With a level of high and constant service, with which we deliver on our promises we do this by relying on a geographic presence, therefore closer to our customers.    

At Target Telecom, we believe that new technologies are important keys for competitiveness and sustainability of the film industry of tomorrow.

Our values

Our commitment, the first value of Target Telecom, is based on the human and financial investments made in our operations to know the needs of our customer, be able to always have innovative offer at their disposal, a powerful production tool and ensure a high level of service.

Our independence is based on strong but never exclusive technological partnerships with manufacturers, publishers, and market leaders. This guarantees to our customers the choice of solutions corresponding to their needs, both in the phases of recommendations and of implementation.

Our agility to innovate, through a mix of skilled and experienced leaders from very different backgrounds, allows our clients to move quickly in their project.